There are so many places to go, things to do and sights to see in Africa, you won’t want to waste a minute getting here. This is the place to find everything you need to plan your dream trip – expert tips on traveling by plane, train and automobile, vacation guides, information about customs regulations and African currency.

Africa Journeys Travel Guides  cater to the needs of travel consumers as well as travel agents and tour operators seeking information on this large and diverse continent. Find out all about Africa’s countries and territories with links to destination tourism operators as well as information on major industry sectors, specialty travel, adventure travel, culture and heritage, and many current helpful recommendations for those looking for more information on Africa’s vast array of tourism opportunities.

Each year, Africa  welcomes millions of visitors from all over the world for An Adventure either in Primates , Wildlife or Cultural Expeditions. During your stay, enjoy  busy cities like those in South Africa, rugged wilderness, parks and conservation areas. Learn about  African arts, heritage and culture by visiting our historical sites, museums and galleries and the Genocide Memorials and some destinations are safe for Self Drive Safaris . You might even want to attend one of our many special events and festivals.

With four distinct seasons, climate plays an important role in African culture and traditions. Be sure to consider the weather conditions when planning a vacation to Rwanda or Uganda, African, Explore the Chance to encounter the African primates.

Citizens of certain countries require a temporary t visa for entry into African Countries like Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Congo Dr and read more about African News for Journeys. Before finalizing your plans, be sure to check the requirements that may apply to you.

Enjoy your stay!
If you need a break from what you see and experience all day, maybe what you need is a trip to Africa. It is guaranteed to show you a view of a different landscape that will not only give you the holiday you need, but also will take your breath away and make you forget your worries. You may have heard that Africa is one of the largest continent  in the world. Well, this also means that many countries have various landscapes and Various Tourists Attractions like Mountain Gorillas in Virunga Massif( Rwanda Gorilla Safari), Eastern Lowland Gorillas in Congo and Cameron.

The Art of Travel
To many people traveling is simply the act of getting from point A to point B, and is used more often than not as a suffix for the word “business.” Around the holidays there is virtually non-stop discussion of “holiday travel,” and even when travel is considered apart from a business trip or special occasion, there is often far too much emphasis put on the destination like East Africa and South Africa. As someone who creates artistic travel photography, even trips to the most routine destinations can be turned into a defining experience; the secret? Enjoy the African journey. “Vacation destinations” have come to dominate the travel plans of so many, and sadly the magic of the journey itself is often lost. Read more.

A vacation may be what you need to give you a second wind at your job. We at African Journeys know that the country’s different regions hold unique landscapes that will be the highlight of your vacation. We also have up-to-date information on various accommodations. We can plan tours and various activities for you to help you see the beauty that is Africa.

This travel and tourism guide will help you plan your travel in Africa. Select a region and look for tours, activities, or adventures in Africa. African Journeys features a detailed description, reservation information, and prices to help you plan your travel to Africa.

African Journeys features local information on Africa travel. African Journeys is a complete travel site that lists locations throughout Africa, motels, bed and breakfasts, and lodgings that travelers would be interested when visiting Africa.

People, Places, and Things
Another advantage of traveling for artistic photography is that I am constantly looking for subjects to include in my work, be they people places or things. This is an advantage because it is another common mistake when traveling to focus on the places and things, and to give little attention to the people themselves. No matter how spectacular the place, nor how incredible the things located there, I have always found that it is the people themselves that truly make the journey worthwhile. In the end people are a product of their environments, and dynamic and interesting place more often than not produce people of the same cloth.

Truly memorable photography is created from truly memorable moments, and when traveling these often requires making a connection with the people you meet. These connections can pay greater dividends than just pictures, as it is connecting with people that can really turn a memorable trip into a defining experience. Pictures may say a thousand words, but that is no excuse to not share some words with the people you encounter along your journey.

Plan Journey’s, Not Itineraries

Whether you’re traveling for artistic photography, or simply for the joy of the experience, creating the framework of a journey is different than simply planning the itinerary of a trip. While not everyone is capable, or for that matter enjoys, the unstructured travel plans of the backpacker, injecting some amount of freedom and spontaneity into an experience can make all the difference. If you feel the need to know your accommodations are secure, perhaps forgo researching places to eat; let your feet, nose, and local advice guide you to a few meals.

Traveling with the goal of getting lost (at least to some degree), not only leads to more rewarding and artistic photos than a rigid schedule, but a richer experience all around. This advice is not only true when traveling far from home, but can be followed anytime and anywhere the mood strikes you. Instead of limiting yourself to the same vistas, restaurants, and weekend getaways that you always do, explore new horizons, establish connections, and discover that opportunities for adventure don’t reside only around the world, but around the corner as well.

African Safari Destinations

African Has many destinations that are known for Safaris Like in East Africa and South African region are the popular regions to be visited by Travelers wishing to enjoy the following Safari Activities  Gorilla Trekking, Wildlife Safaris in Game Drive, Cultural Experience and Boat cruise and Mountaineering Safaris with great chance to relax on the coastal Beaches. Dont Miss to go on Self Drive Safaris in Uganda , Gorilla Trekking in Virunga National Park is an Extra ordinary Adventure in Africa.

Plan Your African Safari Trip
Ready to plan your trip to Africa? We’ve got all of the resources you need for putting together a great visit! You’ll find information on everything from getting to Africa and transportation while you’re here, through to day trips and cruise adventures. Dont miss to Include Gorilla Trekking Rwanda

Africa Tour Safaris
Africa safari Destinations and Tour Operators offer Various Safari Holidays, Safari activities include Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda, Uganda & Congo in Virunga National Park. All African tours are private and customizable, developed to suit your interests, time and budget check on the recommended Safari Companies. We have an amazing clientele that ranges in age, interests and budget and have posted many sample itineraries for you to browse through for ideas for your own tour. African Safaris Range from Budget to Luxury depending on the lodges where the travelers is wishing to Stay.Family Adventures are built on our experience traveling with our own kids and are perfect for the whole family.

Self Drive Safaris in Africa

With wide open roads, a self drive holiday in Africa is a pleasurable experience.  extensive range of fly drive tours are designed with driving distances planned to ensure you have time for sightseeing along the way. The freedom to choose your own pace is a huge appeal of self-drive touring. Driving Africa’s wide open roads with their great signage is a relaxing way to explore the African parks and Beaches. With so many places to explore on the way to your chosen destination, you’ll never hear, “Are we there yet? for East Africa Self Drive Safaris the recommended Car Rental Companies are Self Drive Uganda, Road trip Uganda and Self Drive Rwanda.”